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Fuzzhoneys (written without any spaces) is a female duo from Malta. Their sound can be summarized as garage rock, spiced up with elements of the Blues, a dash of girly punk and a whole lot of soul. A combination of Francesca Mercieca’s husky vocals, groovy bass-lines and crispy riffs, and Caroline Spiteri’s incisive drumbeats, Fuzzhoneys’ music is engagingly unique and vibrant. 

The first sounds of the ‘fuzz’ date back to September 2012, in what was essentially a jam session which actually yielded the duo’s first song “Chemistry”. Working behind closed doors for a good year or so, Fuzzhoneys gave their first public performance in April 2014, when they played at that year’s ‘Rock the South Festival’ at ‘Zion Reggae Bar’ in Marsascala, Malta. Since then, they have clocked up an impressive number of gigs at popular Maltese venues such as ‘Zion Reggae Bar’, ‘Funky Monkey’ and ‘Rumors’, local festivals and several venues in Europe. 

Around the month of August that same year, the band entered the recording studio for the first time with producer Daniel Buttigieg. The idea was to record a 5-track EP that would capture the true, raw sound, that Buttigieg had been so intrigued by when he had first seen Fuzzhoneys performing live. The first single, “Soul” was released preceding the duo’s first.

live show abroad, which experience came about at the legendary ‘Water Rats’ in London’s King’s Cross as part of the ‘Malta takes London’ event.

This duo caught my attention straight away. I felt this whole empowerment from their music, and explained to them that I when I listened to their tracks I felt the whole Karen O (lead singer of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s) vibe coming from them.
— Giulia Magri, The Third Eye 2014
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The debut single was also incorporated in the soundtrack for the short film “Laqgħa ma’ Mara Morbi” (2014) which was adapted from Immanuel Mifsud’s acclaimed literary work by director Martin Bonnici and ONE TV. 

In June 2015, Fuzzhoneys released their second single “Doors”. Like “Soul”, “Doors” was well received by local critics and even nominated for best local music video in the end-of-year polls for ‘Toni Sant’s Mużika Mod ieħor’ podcast series. Meanwhile, the duo continued to attract a strong fan-base, thanks also to their performances at the 2015 Farsons Beer Festival and other events organised by Trackage Scheme.

By the end of 2015, Fuzzhoneys’ profile had grown considerably, resulting in appearance on several media, among them online portals such as All Rock Dab and Lo-fi meltdown, live radio (Rock Moods, Rockna, XFM), TV features (Xejk TV), Sun Sounds Malta Channel (Little Shop Sessions), Balcony TV Genoa and printed articles (The Times of Malta, Malta Today, Patron Magazine). 

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Fuzzhoneys released their debut EP “CD tal-ġenn” via Maltese label Reciprocal Records in January 2016 during a launch event at Beachaven, Xemxija. The 6-track CD includes a bonus track, an acoustic live rendition of “Midnight Sun“ as featured in the video recording for Sun Sounds Malta’s Little Shop Sessions. Most of the EP’s tracks received a lot of radio airplay, especially “Blues”, which eventually ranked in the BMAT PRS Malta Charts’ Top 3. 

More live performances followed the “CD tal- ġenn” launch, including local ones at festivals ‘Rock the South’ and ‘Rock the Beach’, as well as ‘The Farsons Beer Festival’. Their first mini-foreign tour took place later on in the year in Sardegna, one of their live performances was held in Cagliari at the ‘Karel Music Expo’. They were also invited to perform at ‘Malta Takes London’ again, which this time was held at Proud Camden. 

Recording of the album began in March 2017 at Temple Studios. With the help of David Vella, song writing and production on their latest works helped Fuzzhoneys define and strengthen the dynamic sound of the guitar and drum duo. Another mini foreign tour followed, this time with more bookings, in the UK (Nottingham and Sheffield specifically). One of the performances being organised by Nottingham-based promoters and record label ‘I’m Not From London’.

Another single, ‘Period’, was released that summer. Recorded at Temple Studios, ‘Period’ was eventually released as part of the 3-track ‘Femmetastic’ EP, which also featured a handmade zine made up of selected Fuzzhoneys photographic memories. Their next single release, the CD’s title track, continued to confirm the duo’s growing popularity, and like ‘Period’ before it, received a lot of radio airplay, even reaching the # 1 spot for a number of consecutive weeks in the BMAT-PRS Malta Charts.

After the ‘Femmetastic’ launch, Fuzzhoneys kicked off 2018 with another UK tour, playing in various cities around the UK, among them Doncaster and Leeds. More recently, the duo released its latest single, ‘Cream’, as a taster for their upcoming new album, which will be followed by the , “Candy” single music video release, for the ‘Candy’ Autumn 2018 UK Tour.