‘Love Juice’ Album Review by Nicole Parnis

This two-piece girlband’s debut album opens with ‘Period’, their no holds barred riot of a first hit off ‘Love Juice’. Drummer Caroline’s sugary backing vocals ring out as a not-so-gentle reminder that there’s “no shame in the stain”. Ice. Broken.

Up next is ‘Femmetastic’, an aptly named anthem with a raunchy, revved-up riff as fiery as its empowered lyrics.

‘Cream’ is a 1960s inspired strawberry sundae of a track all about “car dreams”, presumably of the pink Cadillac variety. Front woman Francesca confirms her cool-factor with her signature punchy delivery - her impressive vocal range and exaggerated Americanisms making this track the retro bop it is.

Perhaps the best track on the album comes in the shape of ‘Candy’. Their latest release is as layered as a Black Forest Gateaux…witchy and dark but still as sweet. A murky, grungy, haunting sound sprinkled with girl group-esque backing vocals and guitar pieces to really rock out and swoon over. Delectable.

Fuzzhoneys have created their own sound, and you’re bound to get hooked. They’re the punk rock band to watch out for in 2019, and their debut album ‘Love Juice’ is about to kick off a whole lotta Fuzz.

Fuzzhoneys Malta