‘Live life... and go on tour’ by Teodor Relijc

‘Love Juice’ will be your first full-length album, following in the wake of a number of well-received EP releases, so it’s clearly an important step for you. What kind of step-up would you say this is in terms of the way your sound and approach has evolved, and how do you hope your fans – both old and new – will receive it?

CS: From the release of our debut EP ‘CD Tal-Ġenn’ in 2016, the Fuzzhoneys sound was mainly focused on showcasing a certain drums-and-guitar rawness, a garage-rock mixed with fuzz to express the Fuzzhoneys style. It was recorded in our previous garage at Birkirkara thanks to the production of Daniel Buttigieg, and this embodied the whole Fuzzhoneys feel at the time. ‘Femmetastic Zine’ followed in 2017, being a teaser to ‘Love Juice’ when it came to the music, combined with the art release of a collage/punk-inspired Zine that keeps the connection to our ‘CD Tal-Ġenn’ roots.

Recorded at Temple Studios with the help of producer David Vella, exposing the finer and more clean Fuzzhoneys but still keeping emphasis our drum and guitar duo dynamic. With the upcoming release of our debut album, we continue to strengthen this bond, and it is what will probably keep the listener’s interested in us. I hope.

FM: On the launch, and our performance I hope the fans will receive it well in the sense that they immerse themselves in the dimension we’ve gathered all the tracks into with ‘Love Juice’.

It’s meant to unify us all in a haunting, ironic, angry, powerful, raw attitude and sadness – so let’s go on this journey together where the performance will have special magic – including Errormantics, Princess Wonderful, Samuel Attard, Diane Caruana, Yasmin Kuymizakis, Michael and Angie Vella Zarb.

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Photography by Marija Grech  https://www.instagram.com/marmargrech/

Photography by Marija Grech


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