‘Album Debut’ by Lovin Malta

The sound is a mixture of 90s, 80s and 60s with a bit of attitude, self-expression and identity mashed up with angst and gothic fiction.

Love Juice as a main theme groups the concept of equality with the confidence of being who you want to be and who you are. Each song depicts a character with a message, mostly about the way one presents themselves,” Caroline. The lyrics Francesca drives are character and plot driven.

“It’s a protest inspired from other strong mediums of photos, film, literature & icons,” Francesca. “Writing it in total tool about two years, but only because we built up the set list for the album along the way. We grouped seven of these in a span of one year and recorded the first batch in March 2017,” Caroline told Lovin Malta.

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“We then decided to write another four tracks specifically to create an 11 track album. We wrote these in four months and recorded them in November 2017. Mastering was done by the end of the same year when we also released our Art Femmetastic Zine CD as a teaser to Love Juice. And here we are. These last four months were spent planning the actual event. It gives me great satisfaction that we are finally having our own album to share."

Recorded & produced by David Vella at Temple Studios Malta

Cover art by Karen Caruana (www.karencaruana.com)

Keys by Samuel Attard @brodu & @eyetoargus

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Love Juice is partially sponsored by Arts Council Malta

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